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Android vs ios Operating System

Android and ios both are the operating systems which work on mobile phone technology. Both the apps have their own features which they differ in look, layout, work in different aspects. There are also some similarities in android and ios them too.  ios uniform design elements are sometimes seen as being more user-friendly when compared to the android device. But in the cost aspect, android is budget-friendly when compared to the ios devices.


You have to choose the smartphone and tablet devices carefully when you want to shift from ios to android or vice versa. Because when you shift, you will required to buy apps from Google Play or Apple App Store again. Android is the most commonly used mobile phone platform and is used by huge number of manufacturers. while iOS is only used on Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod only. Below i will give you the differences and as well as comparisons between ios and android softwares. So please read to know them.

Android vs ios-Differences and comparisons between android and ios

Here for your better understanding i will give you the comparisions and differences for each and every aspect like customization, model etc..,


Google is the developer of android and apple inc. is the founder of ios.

Released Date

Google Android was released on September 23, 2008 and Apple’s ios is established on July 29, 2007.


The android is a open source platform where as the apple ios is closed, but with some open source components.


We can modify android easily when comparing to ios operating system. We can do a lot of changes in android software, but in ios there is a smaller scope to modify lot can be changed in android whereas ios has low chances to change unless it is jail broken.

Compatible Devices

Almost all the phones and tablets support this android software. Main manufacturers are Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. Google  Nexus series of devices are purely Android and other bundle manufacturer software’s. While ios is compatible with only apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and also second and third generation apple TV’s.

Texts and Calling

Google Hangouts and other apps  like Facebook  Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo,  Skype etc., works as a messaging and calling apps in Android. Whereas these apps are also works on ios device. But, ios has additional apps like imessenger and FaceTime which enables you to do audio and video calls and also to send messages.

Interface and app store

The main interface for downloading apps is Google Play store. It contains more than 10 lakh + apps where we can search and install it on our device easily whereas ios only downloads apps from the apple appstore. If you want to download other than the app store you have to jailbreak your device, which we say rooting in the android.


Origin of OS

Android platforms basis is from Linux software whereas ios is from OS X and UNIX platforms.

Supported Languages

Android almost supports 32 languages across the globe whereas ios supports 34 languages.


Android supports widgets and also we can download additional widgets too. But in ios will not contain any widget in its software except in the Notification center.


Google chrome is the main browser in android and also we have other browsers available in Play store. In ios there is Mobile Safari browser to surf on internet and also you can download other Browsers from other sources.

Cloud Services

Android has a Native integration with Google cloud storage in which we can 15 GB free for $2/month for 100 GB, 1 TB for $10. Android Apps available for Amazon Photos, One Drive and Drop box. In ios iCloud is the native integrated software to store data online. We can get 5 GB free storage, 50 GB for $1/month and 200 GB for $3/month, 1 TB for $10/month. Apps are available for Google Drive and Google Photos, Amazon Photos, One Drive and Dropbox as well.

 Battery and Management

Android mobiles are manufactured by more number of company’s. So,we can see all ranges of battery life in android where as in the Apple batteries are less powerful when compared to android ones. but ios can give decent battery when we use it moderately. But for heavy usage it will not withstand whole day. 


 So, these are the some of the major differences between ios and android devices. We have given a review on each and every major element in which the both operating systems differ. Hope you liked it, if you do so please share it with us on comment section. 

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